Advanced Home Products Inc.

Advanced Home Products provides talented sales representation for manufacturers of quality building products.  We service Long Island, the 5 Boroughs, Rockland & West Chester Counties of NY.  We cater to all phases of the building industry, architects, builders, dealers and suppliers.  We specialize in product training, application seminars, trade show demonstrations, and contractor clinics.  We also provide AIA credits to architects, and teach best practices for installation.  We’ll make sure your product gets the representation and respect it deserves.  We believe the correct people with the right relationships are how business gets done.  We don’t just sell products, we sell ourselves, by building trust and confidence.  We pride ourselves on our response and our service, we understand we work for you.

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    Sal has worked in the building products industry in distribution, manufacturing and sales since 1986.  Through this experience he understands the needs of everyone from the manufacturer to the homeowner.  He works closely with the distributors, contractors and architects on a daily basis and believes those relationships are the key to long term success in the industry.  Sal received a Bachelor of Business Administration and Marketing from Dowling College in 1991.

    Kevin began working in the building materials industry specializing in the glass industry in 1995.  He has been working with skylight companies since the year 2000.  With his industry knowledge and passion for marketing he is able to work together with architects, suppliers and end users to create lasting relationships for success.  Kevin received a Bachelor of Business Administration and Marketing from Dowling College 1997.



    Our knowledge and experience allows us to properly ask questions to determine which products are best for your specific application.


    We offer product demonstrations, AIA continuing credit courses, and best practice seminars for installation of our products.


    We believe the most adept representation follows up, follows through, and is quick to resolve any issues that may arise.


    Because of our integrity, our years of experience translate into trust, bringing confidence you can count on.